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Crazy Priest Jailed For Crucifying Nun

Here’s another truth is stranger than fiction story, compliments of Romania. Back in 2005, 23-year-old Sister Maricica Irina Cornici arrived at a secluded convent in the northeast part of Romania to visit a friend. After 3 months it was apparent to members of the convent that Sister Maricica was possessed by the devil. Many would [...]

Behold The Great Allah Miracle!

Ever since I started this site, I have reported on Jesus sightings as well as the occasional Virgin Mary image. The one thing that all these stories have in common is what appears to be an image or likeness of Jesus or the Virgin Mary. Whether it’s a Virgin Mary Funyun or a tree resembling [...]

Keep God Out Of California

Here’s a classic Jackass skit that is sure to bring a smile to your Monday. Chris Pontius, aka Bunny the lifeguard and Party Boy, headlines this ridiculous skit. Pontius dresses up in a devil costume, the $.99 variety, and takes to the streets of California campaigning for the Devil. During the skit he receives many [...]

Why I Believe In God

The following article is from a Christian gentleman named Kyle. Kyle had contacted me via email after stumbling across my site via a Google search for ‘jesus’. Unlike most of my emails from religious folks, Kyle was rather polite with his comments. We exchanged a few more emails when I decided to ask Kyle how [...]

Evolution Is A Religious Deception

UPDATE: HERE IS A COPY OF THE MEMO FROM BEN BRIDGES provided by SciGuy Rep. Ben Bridges, a Republican from Georgia, is under attack for a memo distributed under his name calling for a ban on evolution in public schools. What’s interesting is that the memo called evolution a religious deception stemming from an ancient [...]

Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda, Christ Or Antichrist?

Back in September of last year, I reported on Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, a charismatic preacher who claimed to be Jesus Christ. It has since brought him fame, fortune, and a large following. In my previous article I also made the claim that this story has all the makings of another Jonestown. The situation [...]

Crucified Jesus Makes Appearance In Texas!

The latest stop on the Jesus tour takes us to the small town of Crystal City Texas. They say everything is bigger in Texas and this latest Jesus visual association is no exception. Crystal City is a unique town. Popeye currently resides here and during WWII many Japanese aliens were forced to live there as [...]

Angry Jesus Spews Sparks From His Eyes!

Behold the magical steel and bronze, whip brandishing, spark spewing Jesus statue that I present before you all. It has the mystical power to hypnotize followers and connect them with the Almighty God. Bow down before Jesus and submit to his whip of love. I command you all in the name of the Lord Jesus [...]

Not So Happy Valentine’s Day For Muslims

Valentine’s Day has evolved in to what is essentially a nonreligious over-commercialized dating bonanza. It truly is a harmless day in which couples set aside some time to spend with one-another. At least that’s what I thought. Apparently, someone forgot to inform the Muslims in Kashmir about this though. To them, Valentine’s Day is a [...]

Marjoe Gortner–An American Hero

I felt it necessary to revive an American legend from obscurity. Marjoe Gortner was the youngest evangelical preacher when he was ordained at the tender age of four. He traveled the country with his parents holding revival meetings and “healing” the sick. With every town visited, the family bilked more and more money from their [...]