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Evolution 101–Back To The Basics

Since its conception, this site has hosted several heated discussions on evolution and creationism. Unfortunately due to the fundamental differences in each camp, I feel that the creationists truly don’t understand Evolution nor do they appreciate the vast amount of human intellect and scrutiny that has been poured over it. My goal with this article [...]

Spread Of Violence Against Muslim Women?

I began this article with a submission by Shaze, who just happens to have a knack for exposing the horrors of religion. At first I thought there was no need to cover the story. Sure it’s extremely disturbing and directly related to Islam, but I saw it as a rare incident in a part of [...]

Slow Friday Indeed

Hi everyone, I have to apologize for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been going through a bit of turbulence in life and thus I have neglected you guys :( But it looks like clears skies ahead so we should be smooth sailing shortly… knock on wood. Also, deletedsoul has answered your questions. I should [...]

The Evolution Of Morality

The magnificent Shaze sends us yet another fine piece of literature compliments of the New York Times. This is a great read that explores the origins of morality. Obviously this has a great impact on religion as many such as Christianity and Islam claim that morals come from God. But recent studies are starting to [...]

Hooters To Open Several Targets In Israel

Palestinians rejoice as Hooters will be supplying them with a fresh batch of targets. Young Palestinian suicide bombers, bored with targeting the usual pizza parlors and shopping malls, are eagerly awaiting the new chain of Hooters restaurants. Prior to the Hooters arriving, terrorists were limited to Israeli targets. But now there’s a new dimension opening [...]

Let’s Help Anjelica With Her Homework

Recently I was contacted by highschool Freshman Anjelica who was conducting a little survey for one of her classes. She asked me to answer a few questions about religion and spirituality. I thought to myself, why should I be the only one here doing the work when I have all of you guys ;) So [...]

God Surrounds The Faithful With Beautiful Things

Pastor Ben Gibert of the Detroit World Outreach Church in Redford Michigan spoke those words. Remember them well. When I read that sentence, “God surrounds the faithful with beautiful things”, it got me thinking. What exactly are those beautiful things anyways? Was Pastor Gibert referring to your loved-ones? Possibly. Or maybe he was talking about [...]

Rowan Atkinson–The Amazing Jesus Of Nazareth

Leave it to the English to provide yet another fine piece of comedic entertainment. Rowan Atkinson, famous for his roles in Mr. Bean and Blackladder, has some outstanding standup material. In this clip Atkinson recounts several miracles that only Jesus Christ, the greatest magician that ever existed, could pull off. From turning water in to [...]

Delusional Christian Stones Elderly Man

Here’s a depressing story to carry you in to the weekend on a sad note. Yesterday afternoon 75-year-old Michail Makarenko stopped along a New Jersey highway rest stop. Native Texan Brian White, a delusional Christian who was soliciting homemade Christian CDs, approached Makrenko. What happened next is nothing short of insane. When Makrenko refused to [...]

It’s Time To Man Up You Girly Christian Men!

First off, thanks to Itanshi for providing this ridiculous story. Secondly, if you haven’t heard of the term “man up” then you are obviously a girly man and need a little reeducation ;) Gone are the days where Jesus was viewed as a passive, peaceful, loving and caring individual. Let’s face it, that’s boring. In [...]