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Abraham II: My Three Sons

Here is an old, but interesting story. It should be a familiar story to our Christian readers. Deanna Laney was commanded by God to stone her children to death as poof of her devotion to Him. Unlike the Biblical story of Abraham, God didn’t pull any punches at the last minute. He did not stop [...]

What Would Jesus Smoke?

Back in the 1990s many US Christians adopted the phrase “What would Jesus do?” (often abbreviated WWJD) to guide them in their daily lives. Since then the phrase has evolved in many spin-offs like “What would Jesus Drive?” and “Where would Jesus shop?” The list goes on and on. Recently, legislators in Illinois have been [...]

The Eternal, Unchanging God Changes Again!

In a stunning reversal of character, God has changed his mind! At least according to the Catholic Church. Before this historic alteration of centuries of theology, unbaptized babies were still tainted with Original Sin and where thus unworthy to be in the presence of God. God, not being heartless enough to send those innocent dead [...]

Iran from the Law

Okay, Here is a story being carried by the New York Times that highlights the danger of religion gaining too much power over a government. The Iranian Supreme Court has overturned the murder conviction of six members of the Basiji Force. The group is infamous for carrying out attacks attacks on pro-democracy meetings and on [...]

Rowan Atkinson–Welcome To Hell

Leave it to the English to provide yet another fine piece of comedic entertainment. Rowan Atkinson, famous for his roles in Mr. Bean and Blackladder, has some outstanding standup material. In this clip Atkinson plays the roll of the devil and welcomes a variety of newcomers to hell. You can guess what type of people [...]

Wahlert Catholic High Adopts Gestapo Tactics

Now here’s a little story that really has no bearing on the grand scheme of life, yet I find myself compelled to write about it. On one hand I find it to be just another silly story that brings a smile to my face. But then there’s the other part of me that is angered [...]

Jesus Freaks–The Documentary

Amateur filmmaker Erik Koto emailed me this morning to announce his first ever documentary entitled Jesus Freaks that he co-created with Robert Nachbar. Jesus Freaks chronicles the events of Creation Fest Northwest, a four day Christian rock festival in George, Washington. The official site describes the event as follows: “From all over the world, people [...]

Goddess Kali Leaves Hindu Man Speechless

Here’s another great example that clearly demonstrates the power of faith. Had it not been reported by so many news outlets I would find it hard to believe… but at the same time it sure doesn’t surprise me. 24-year-old Suresh Kumar, apparently a really devout Hindu, has been tormented by the murder of his elder [...]

deletedsoul Resurrected After 21 Days

It is my pleasure to finally post deletedsoul’s responses to your questions. There were 15 questions total and I have decided to create a single page with all fifteen questions and answers in addition to individual pages for each question. You’ll find her responses here. I encourage you to have deletedsoul elaborate on the answers [...]

Physically Here, Mentally Absent

Over the course of the last few weeks the foundation of my life has been shaken in a most profound way. I’ve been forced in to a situation where I find myself dealing with some difficult and harsh realizations about myself, my family, and my outlook on life… essentially everything. The immediate impact of this [...]