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Egyptian Fatwa Promotes Adult Breastfeeding

I know I’ve been absent for quite some time and for that I apologize. But this news tip from Jeanine has delivered me from the depths of despair. A cleric from the prestigious Egyptian university Al-Azhar has issued one of the most asinine fatwas that I have ever heard. First a little background on the [...]

Muslim Mickey Mouse Preaches Hatred To Kids

I remember growing up as a kid and watching Saturday morning cartoons. It was a fantastic part of my childhood that brings back many fond memories. Whether it was the Smurfs, Super Friends, Tom & Jerry, Spider-Man, Dungeons & Dragons, or even the Care Bears, the premise was simple… provide children with an innocent form [...]

State Of The Union #2

Hey everyone, I just got back from a conference in Vegas. It seems like every time I go somewhere, the site gets hacked or taken down :) Lucky for me, a friend was able to investigate and has determined the vulnerability that the hackers used to compromise the site. The offending code was part of [...]

Homosexual Equality: Hate Hetrosexuals Just as Much.

Recently, I found a link to this story in Dan Savage’s blog. The story is just begging to be discussed on Religious Freaks. Phil Magnan, director of Biblical Family Advocates, spoke out against the hypocrisy of condemning homosexuality when many Christians’ own bed sheets are not clean. “How can we as Christians have any moral [...]