muslim mickey mouseI remember growing up as a kid and watching Saturday morning cartoons. It was a fantastic part of my childhood that brings back many fond memories. Whether it was the Smurfs, Super Friends, Tom & Jerry, Spider-Man, Dungeons & Dragons, or even the Care Bears, the premise was simple… provide children with an innocent form of entertainment and carry them to far off lands for a 30-minute adventure. Whether or not you even learned anything was irrelevant, this was all about fun! But that was America. I’m not sure what cartoons our European neighbors watched but I would assume it was a similar experience.

Over in the Middle East things are a tad bit different… at least if you’re Palestinian. Al Aqsa TV has taken it upon themselves to air a very original series for children. Think of it as Mickey Mouse with a dash of Adolf Hitler and a smidge of Osama Bin Laden.

The future looks bright for our children :)

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