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Amature Exorcism Backfires

Yesterday, the Associated Press carried this story that was destined to make it onto ReligiousFreaks. The Phoenix police were called to the scene of an exorcism in progress Saturday. When police arrived, they found a middle aged man, one Ronald Marquez, and his 19 year old daughter performing an exorcism on his granddaughter, three years [...]

Pope Surrenders To Darwin; Quickly Changes Subject

It appears that the Pope has succumbed to the scientific community and their overwhelming army of evidence supporting evolution. Pope Benedict in a rare and candid moment had the following to say with respects to the fruitless battle that has divided millions around the world: “This clash is an absurdity because on one hand there [...]

Reverend Mistakenly Proves Evolution With Heavenly Image

Rev. Glenn Fulton and his wife were celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary in Florida during the 4th of July weekend. Little did they know that their trip would rock the very foundation of Christianity and send shockwaves throughout the entire world. One early morning the couple was at the beach admiring the heavenly sunrise and [...]

Bad Weather or God’s Judgement?

God is at it again, folks! Last week, He flooded many places in the US. Those close to God (evangelicals) say that The Almighty sent the natural disaster as punishment for our immoral society. According to the Right Reverend Graham Dow, a Bishop of the Church of England and leading evangelical, “This is a strong [...]