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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Island Of Recalled Christmas Toys

Tis the season for a little Christmas, err Holiday cheer. Have a look at this FarkTV video and watch Santa’s posse take on an island full of recalled toys to make this Christmas, err Holiday season safe for all the little boys and girls. Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Creationist Sentenced For Uncreating Evolutionist

Now here’s a story that proves fiction is stranger than truth. Thank Shaze for the tip-off. Today in Australia, 33-year-old Englishman Alexander Christian York, was sentenced to five years in prison for the manslaughter of Scotsman Rudi Boa last January. The two were chance neighbors at a caravan park on vacation. His girlfriend Gillian Brown [...]

SOS Call From David… HELP!

I recently received an email from an Atheist reader who needs some advice. Originally he addressed his problem to me, but I quickly asked if I could share it with the collective :) He quickly agreed so without further ado, let’s help out David :) David wrote: Hello friend! I’ve recently stumbled upon your website [...]

Under Construction :@

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that over the course of the next few days and weeks I will be performing various upgrades and implementing some changes. If you experience some outages or quirky behavior this is probably the reason. Of course if its persistent please contact me in case I screwed [...]

Sherri Shepherd Shares Her Religious Wisdom

The other day Shaze emailed me with a clip of Sherri Shepherd from The View. For those of you who haven’t heard of Shepherd, she is an actress\comedian who has starred in several sitcoms and recently landed a co-host position on The View. I watched the video Shaze sent me and sat in disbelief. Shepherd [...]

Red Bull Gives Angels Their Wings!

Red Bull is getting in the Christmas spirit this season with their latest advertisement. While I find it quite entertaining, many Christians don’t. One Italian priest, Father Marco Damanti, went so far as to call it blasphemous and disrespectful to Christianity. He was so furious that he actually got the company to remove the ad [...]

It’s Not High-Def, It’s Haredim-Def!

Recently, Israel has begun to roll out HDTV much like the rest of the world. But unlike most of the world, Israel has to cope with an ultra-fanatical religious sect known as the Haredim. Some of you might remember them from the infamous “crosswalk” article I wrote a year ago. Essentially, these über-religious yokels follow [...]