sherri shepherdThe other day Shaze emailed me with a clip of Sherri Shepherd from The View. For those of you who haven’t heard of Shepherd, she is an actress\comedian who has starred in several sitcoms and recently landed a co-host position on The View. I watched the video Shaze sent me and sat in disbelief.

Shepherd claims that Jesus, and thus Christianity, basically predates the Greeks and everything else for that matter. I guess the whole concept of B.C. doesn’t quite make sense to her. So as I mulled the thought of posting the video I decided to do a little more digging in to Shepherd which quickly led to another choice video clip from The View.

In this other clip, Shepherd defies all logic by denying Evolution. Sure that’s pretty absurd, but this is The View and Shepherd takes it to the next level when asked by Whoppi Goldberg is the Earth is flat. Shepherd quickly replies that she isn’t sure! Seriously… WTF?!?!?! I wanted to pour bleach in my eyes and stick ice picks in my ears to make the pain stop!

This got me thinking… a scary thought I know ;) I was raised a Catholic and deal with Christians on a regular basis (including my family). One thing I have noticed is the lack of knowledge that many possess with respects to their religion. To many, Christianity (or any other religion for that matter) is an insurance policy that’ll get them in to heaven. It’s something that you belong to because most people around you do (at least in the United States.) I wonder how many Christians truly understand the teachings of Jesus. I’m willing to bet if you quizzed many Christians on the basics of their religion, they would fail miserably. What are your experiences with some of your Christian friends and family? Are they for real? Or are they just full of crap and hoping that it’s their ticket in to heaven just in case there is one?

Lot’s of questions I know, but hey would you rather work? Enjoy!

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Sherri Shepherd on Christianity Predating EVERYTHING

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Sherri Shepherd on Evolution and a Flat Earth

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