Archive for February, 2008–Now With More Bling!

The new site is up and running!! I wasn’t going to make it live just yet but I figured what the hell :) Besides the bling, there are actually some new features which I’ll get to later. But right now, I am half way out the door to throw back quite a few well-deserved drinks! [...]

Muslims Shut Down Offensive Art Gallery

Berlin art gallery has temporarily closed an exhibition where one of the posters made fun of Islam’s holiest shrine, the Kaaba in Mecca. The decision came after threats believed to be from Muslims. The exhibition was organized by the Danish group Surrend, which said it wanted to oppose religious extremism. Complete story here.

Secrets of the Inquisition

A Vatican exhibition tries to shed new light on one of the darker chapters in the church’s history. Complete story here.

Orthodox Jews Determine Root Cause Of Earthquakes!

For years scientists have been studying earthquakes and their causes to better predict them. This research alone could save thousands of lives each year. But after decades of scientific research in the US and abroad, progress has been slow at best. It appears that scientists, who have focused on tectonic plates and faults, have been [...]

Nanotechnology–Devil Is In The Details?

A staggering 70% of Americans, according to a study conducted by Arizona State University, seem to think so. Only 29.5% of American respondents view nanotechnology as morally acceptable! This compares to 54.1% percent in the United Kingdom, 62.7 percent in Germany and 72.1 percent in France. Complete story here. These findings were presented by Dietram [...]

Let’s Help Chris Get His PhD

This morning I received a plea for help from Chris Weber, a PhD candidate at Stony Brook University. Chris is conducting a survey for his dissertation in Political Science and could use our help. I know it’s political in nature, but religion and politics go hand-in-hand these days :( If you’re interested in helping please [...]

American–Land Of The Free, Home Of The ‘Morans’

I just a read a disturbingly good article entitled “The Dumbing Of America” by Susan Jacoby of the Washington Post. Jacoby claims that not only are Americans quickly becoming more ignorant, but they are increasingly proud of it. Sadly I agree :( Whether you’re black, white, brown, or even purple with polka dots, ignorance doesn’t [...]

FYI: Rep. Steven Cohen Hates Jesus!

The following is a public service announcement from It has come to my attention that there is an evil Jew running for election in the Christian town of Memphis, Tennessee. What’s worse is that he’s a white Jew in a predominately black district! OMG!$#%$ Obviously Rep Steven Cohen was trying to keep his “faith” [...]

Muslim Bugs Bunny Snacks On Jews, Not Carrots

Last year Palestinian children were introduced to Farfur, a Muslim abomination of Mickey Mouse that swore to annihilate the Jews. He was the hit character on the Hamas children’s show “Tomorrow’s Pioneers”. It was covered briefly on my site here. The obvious child indoctrination sparked worldwide condemnation. Many called for an end to Farfur, but [...]

Police Foil ‘Religion Of Peace’ Plot To Erase Cartoonist

Early Tuesday morning Danish police arrested several Muslims suspected of conspiring to kill 72-year-old cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. Complete story here. For those of you in the dark, Westergaard was one of the 12 cartoonists who published the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed back in September 2005. But Westergaard drew what would become the most famous [...]