Last year Palestinian children were introduced to Farfur, a Muslim abomination of Mickey Mouse that swore to annihilate the Jews. He was the hit character on the Hamas children’s show “Tomorrow’s Pioneers”. It was covered briefly on my site here.

The obvious child indoctrination sparked worldwide condemnation. Many called for an end to Farfur, but Hamas remained defiant and refused to pull the show. They instead turned Farfur into a martyr on his last episode when an Israeli soldier took him out during interrogation. Think I’m kidding? You can watch Farfur’s Academy Award winning performance here.

Farfur’s successor was Nahul the Bee, but his reign was short lived. Nahul died a just a week ago when the “Israeli siege of Gaza” prevented him from reaching the hospital to get urgent medical care. There’s no need to mourn this great loss though because Assud the psycho Jew-eating Bugs Bunny look-alike is here to make things right!

It times like these when I often wonder how Muslims can be outraged over the Mohammed caricatures when crap like this is being served to Muslim children in their very own homes. Enjoy the show!

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