nano bibleA staggering 70% of Americans, according to a study conducted by Arizona State University, seem to think so. Only 29.5% of American respondents view nanotechnology as morally acceptable! This compares to 54.1% percent in the United Kingdom, 62.7 percent in Germany and 72.1 percent in France. Complete story here.

These findings were presented by Dietram Scheufele, Ph.D. at this year’s annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dr. Scheufele believes that Americans tend to look at nanotechnology in the same light as stem cell research… ultimately viewed by religious folks as “playing God”.

What I found somewhat shocking is that Dr Scheufele said the respondents were well informed about nanotechnology and potential benefits. Yet they still oppose it solely based on their religious beliefs.

While they may be informed on the benefits of nanotechnology, I think religious folk are grossly misinformed (as usual) about the basics. Nanotechnology is essentially working with material at a molecular level. The benefits range from better packaging for foods to aiding in the search for a cure to cancer. For a more complete list of current uses take a look here.

But not all Christians are against nanotechnology. Some Christians have actually embraced the technology. If there’s one thing that can compromise a Christian’s morals, it’s the almighty dollar. Behold yet another feeble Christian attempt to ca$h in on their religion. It is my pleasure to introduce (drum roll please) The NanoBible!

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