It just goes to show what a messed up world do we live in when even Jesus Christ himself can’t get a fair shake in court!

Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda, aka the 2nd Coming, just got fleeced in Miami divorce court to tune of $2.2 million in cash and properties. Oddly enough the judge claimed that Jesus’ church, Growing in Grace, was not a religious non-profit, but a personal business. It’s hard to believe I know!

The persecution doesn’t end there though. If Jesus fails to pay this extortion then the court will seize some of the church’s various properties leaving his father and first wife homeless! You heard that right… The court would evict Jesus’ father. You may of heard of him before… he goes by the name of GOD. Ring a bell?

I’m by now that many of you are asking yourself… how can I help? What can I do? Right now Jesus needs your financial support. Please send your donations and together we can keep God off the streets and get Jesus through these trying times.

c/o Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda
P.O. Box 27-8200
Miramar, FL 33027

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