It seems like it was just yesterday when married evangelical pastor Ted Haggard, an anti-gay advocate, was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Except that hand was actually his penis and the cookie jar was a gay prostitute’s ass. Hey don’t hate me, I’m just the messenger!

Haggard and his family responded much in the same manner that anyone in their shoes would… they got the hell out of town! And over the last few years it seemed that Haggard had actually managed to outrun his homosexual demons from the past :) He found himself a new career as an insurance salesman. He cured himself of “the gays” and he even starred in an upcoming HBO documentary called THE TRIALS OF TED HAGGARD.

But now it appears that the tired old pastor couldn’t run fast enough. Honestly I don’t think even Carl Lewis could outrun the gay skeletons in Ted Haggard’s closet.

Another man known as Grant has come forward claiming that he and Haggard had an “inappropriate” relationship a few years ago when Ted was pastor of the now infamous New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He also claims that the church new about the incident and paid him $179,000 in hush money!

Where’s the proof you ask? Just watch this KRDO investigation and see for yourself!

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