crucified santaCrayola is known for their ridiculous names when it comes to colors. There’s Razzmatazz, Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown, and Jazzberry Jam just to name a few. As a matter of fact there are 133 colors and a variety of specialty ones from swirls to scents. But Crayola may have outdone themselves this time with the new Jesus-colored crayon! And the timing couldn’t be more perfect as we near Christmas.

Tara Gomez of Blue Springs Missouri was one of the first to try this devine crayon and she couldn’t be more pleased. Gomez said not only was it a beautiful color, but that it was an answer to her prayers.

Gomez confessed…

I’d been praying and praying about certain things, and I asked God for a sign and I think the crazy thing about this, and I dunno, what better sign to get then right in front of you.

Let’s see Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown do that!

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