tim tebow and godIt’s finally Friday and like me, many Americans are looking forward to the playoffs this weekend. While there are four games, one in particular is reaching “heavenly” proportions. That game of course is Tim “Jesus” Tebow and the Denver Broncos vs. The New England Patriots.

For those of you unaware of the whole Tebow mess, he’s the Denver Broncos quarterback who is ranked 24 out of 32. While his stats are subpar, Tebow is credited with several last-minute “miraculous” wins. And of course after every win he takes a knee to thank Jesus for the victory. Good stuff.

If that’s not batshit crazy in itself, then try this statistic on for size. In a nationwide survey on January 8th, 43% of 756 respondents believed that Divine Intervention was at least partly responsible for Tebow’s success! There’s a margin of error of only +/- 3%. I would have thought it was more like 100%, but I’ll take their word for it.

If this poll is representative of the United States as a whole, then it’s no wonder why the country has seen better days. The very thought that God has nothing better to do than help some mediocre quarterback win football games is straight up crazy. Let’s be God for a minute… Never mind war, poverty, or Catholic priests molesting children… no I’m gonna focus my magical powers on a stupid f^ck!ng football game. Yea that makes complete sense!

Are these people out of their minds? Seriously naive? Or just f^ck!ng morons? Wow! I just can’t believe it’s the 21st century and people honestly believe that there’s a God winning football games.

You can see the complete results of the survey here.


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