st anthony dayToday officially marks the Feast of Saint Anthony, seen by many as the Patron Saint of Animals. And what better way to celebrate this special day then by making out with your furry friend in the comfort of a church. Not quite your style? Fair enough, how about creating a humongous bonfire in the street with 12 foot flames and jumping it with your horse! Still too dull for ya? Well guzzle a bottle of locally made alcohol and do it again! Woohoo! Now we’re getting somewhere. While villagers believe the flames have cleansing powers and will help to bring them prosperity, I’m thinking it’ll cleanse the horses alright… it’ll cleanse them of all their hair!

But what about those of us that haven’t a pet? Are we to be left out of the festivities? Oh hell no, this is  Spain we’re talking about and they cap the night off with a bull run. A flaming bull run! And I’m not talking about gay bulls folks. Forget about sharks with frickin’ laser beams, these are some seriously pissed-off bulls with their horns lit on fire chasing after you!

Needless to say, PETA is probably not a sponsor of this event.

st anthony day

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