Mitt Romney Golden TempleHonestly I’m not a fan of Jay Leno or the Tonight Show. But Leno finally managed to get a laugh out of me though the other day when Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was forced to release his tax return. It proved the obvious… Romney is wealthy. Really wealthy. So Leno decided to do a slideshow via TMZ of politicians and their homes. First off was Newt Gingrich’s pad, followed by Ron Paul’s, and lastly Mitt Romney’s summer home. Just watch and you’ll see!

Now one would presume that it’s just a harmless joke. Right? Wrong! What most people didn’t realize is that the house jokingly shown as Romney’s summer home was actually the holiest shrine in Sikhism known as The Golden Temple. And Dr. Randeep Dhillon, the one Sikh watching The Tonight Show, did NOT find Leno’s joke amusing. Not only was he DEEPLY offended, but he was driven by God him/her/itself to sue Jay Leno for libel. Dr. Dhillon claims that Leno is responsible for encouraging hatred and/or ridicule of HIS religion!

Now let’s think about that for a second… If anyone should be offended it should be Romney as he’s a Mormon and not a Sikh. Now millions of voters think Romney is a Sikh! That could cost him the election this November! Or maybe Ron Paul should be offended because people think he lives in that “dinky” little ranch home. But I hardly think Dr. Sensitive has any reason to be offended. It’s not like it’s his house! As for Leno being responsible for encouraging hatred and ridicule, I think Dr. Dhillion is making his religion look foolish by acting like such a douche bag.

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