ReligousFreaks was born in October 2005 by myself. Mostly, it grew out of my growing disdain for religion and the hatred and ignorance it breeds. The goal of ReligiousFreaks is not to incite hatred towards people of faith, but rather to foster interfaith discussion and understanding.

If you would like to learn more about me, please check out the Just Ask section where I answered various questions from my readers.


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  1. Loni says:

    Hi i’m 20 and I live in the UK i was brought up in a buddhist family we practiced Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism I do not chant anymore but i still hold on to alot of the basic values. I can understand if you are from the USA it would be very easy to get angry with christians as it is clear that ignorance and biggotism should not be accepted in the name of any religion, and this seems to be happening alot in the name of christianity in the US. However if you pride yourself on being a decent, evolved, inteligent, human being, then you should consider the following…

    Creating a site called ‘Religiousfreaks.com’ and finding any example of extreme religious fanatisism you can in order to ‘Fight Back’ against ‘Religious Freaks’ You are engaging in exactly the same Ignorant, Close minded, Hateful behavior of the people you are criticising.

    Why don’t you just be very loving and empathetic towards christians? Show you don’t have to be a christian to be a kind and forgiving person. You can still disagree with them but do it in a civil manner even if they don’t respond likwise,

    I just don’t think this site is getting us any closer to our ultimate goal HEALTH, HAPPINESS, & FREEDOM !!!!!!!!
    (for all 6 billion of us!)

  2. Daniel Ellsberg says:

    It’s a honey of a pot.

    Just google me.

  3. Seán O'Mahony says:

    If we are lucky we have 60 to 80 years on this planet as conscious beings, if somebody is a kind friendly person then it shouldn’t matter what religion if any they belong to.

    I for one would like to live in a world where religious and irreligious people could live side by side without ridiculing one another

  4. BobRock says:

    Sean, pleasant thoughts and harmony would be wonderful, but problems are inevitable when one religion presents the choice as death if you don’t join it (just to cite one example) and others are pretty violent too. That being the case, the friendliness can only ever be superficial.

    Seems like we are better off without religious beliefs. They all just seem so arbitrary and contradictory too.

  5. She’s a honey all right. Sickly sweet, and sticky. Deep and cylindrical too. And oh, what a handle. That handle…

  6. On the internet, everyone knows where the dog is.

  7. jill says:

    I don’t agree

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  9. rachel says:

    errrrrrybody needs to chill. it’s a freaking website. if all you do is sit around and argue with people via the internet, it’s time to get a job.

  10. Fannie Trent says:

    The difficulty utilizing Private label rights reports is buyers usually do not put it to use effectively. They should either put it to use to generate ideas for things to write about or perhaps totally re-write it or spin it up and afterward put their own name on it.

  11. Okib says:

    Just found this site, seems to be an interesting place.But I see by the post dates that this may be a forgotten site. So this is for the webmaster or creator of this site are you still there? Are you still looking for answers? Are you still angry? Do you still care?

  12. Slahzer says:

    Some Christians really need to improve their spelling.

    See what I implied about Christians ?

    Later bitches

  13. LOLUMADBRO says:

    Grammar is an important part of the language tree that spelling branches off of. Perhaps you should learn to use periods.

  14. Bruce says:

    To bad I didn’t find out about your site sooner. You have done a real justice to people who freely think for themselves. I have added it to my favorites and will post on my facebook page. Thanks

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