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Amature Exorcism Backfires

Yesterday, the Associated Press carried this story that was destined to make it onto ReligiousFreaks. The Phoenix police were called to the scene of an exorcism in progress Saturday. When police arrived, they found a middle aged man, one Ronald Marquez, and his 19 year old daughter performing an exorcism on his granddaughter, three years [...]

Bad Weather or God’s Judgement?

God is at it again, folks! Last week, He flooded many places in the US. Those close to God (evangelicals) say that The Almighty sent the natural disaster as punishment for our immoral society. According to the Right Reverend Graham Dow, a Bishop of the Church of England and leading evangelical, “This is a strong [...]

Supreme Court Displays Split Personality Through Split Decisions

Today, the Supreme Court further sullied its reputation through shear inconsistency. Remember this story from a while back? A then 18-year-old high school student in Juneau, Alaska, Joseph Frederick unveiled a banner reading “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” as cameras filmed the Olympic Torch passing through town. Joseph’s humorless principle, Deborah Morse, confiscated his banner and [...]

Homosexual Equality: Hate Hetrosexuals Just as Much.

Recently, I found a link to this story in Dan Savage’s blog. The story is just begging to be discussed on Religious Freaks. Phil Magnan, director of Biblical Family Advocates, spoke out against the hypocrisy of condemning homosexuality when many Christians’ own bed sheets are not clean. “How can we as Christians have any moral [...]

Abraham II: My Three Sons

Here is an old, but interesting story. It should be a familiar story to our Christian readers. Deanna Laney was commanded by God to stone her children to death as poof of her devotion to Him. Unlike the Biblical story of Abraham, God didn’t pull any punches at the last minute. He did not stop [...]

The Eternal, Unchanging God Changes Again!

In a stunning reversal of character, God has changed his mind! At least according to the Catholic Church. Before this historic alteration of centuries of theology, unbaptized babies were still tainted with Original Sin and where thus unworthy to be in the presence of God. God, not being heartless enough to send those innocent dead [...]

Iran from the Law

Okay, Here is a story being carried by the New York Times that highlights the danger of religion gaining too much power over a government. The Iranian Supreme Court has overturned the murder conviction of six members of the Basiji Force. The group is infamous for carrying out attacks attacks on pro-democracy meetings and on [...]