I’m Not Out Of The Woods Yet…

I’m just two weeks in to my “comeback” and wouldn’t you know it… life has decided to dole out yet another blow. Last Thursday I was unfortunately laid off from work having fell victim to the sluggish economy :( Seeing as how this was my first time losing a job, I must say it’s quite [...]

What Do You Mean The Earth Is 5000 Years Old!?!?!?!

A few months ago I was ready to throw in the towel with ReligiousFreaks. After a rough year I felt that I couldn’t muster the energy needed to keep up the good fight. Even worse I started to feel that I wasn’t fighting the “good” fight, much less making a positive difference. Hopelessness comes to [...]

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’d like to chime in and wish everyone here a Happy New Year and let you all know that I’m still alive and kicking. There’s so much for me to talk about that I’m not even sure where to begin… or even how to begin. But this is a start! Over the next few days [...]

Calling All Californians!

I received an email today from Jan Paul Lindner, one of our European readers. Jan is in the United States till June for work and would like to meet up with some of you! Check out his email below and let’s see if we can get a few people to show Jan around :) Jan [...]–Now With More Bling!

The new site is up and running!! I wasn’t going to make it live just yet but I figured what the hell :) Besides the bling, there are actually some new features which I’ll get to later. But right now, I am half way out the door to throw back quite a few well-deserved drinks! [...]

Let’s Help Chris Get His PhD

This morning I received a plea for help from Chris Weber, a PhD candidate at Stony Brook University. Chris is conducting a survey for his dissertation in Political Science and could use our help. I know it’s political in nature, but religion and politics go hand-in-hand these days :( If you’re interested in helping please [...]

American–Land Of The Free, Home Of The ‘Morans’

I just a read a disturbingly good article entitled “The Dumbing Of America” by Susan Jacoby of the Washington Post. Jacoby claims that not only are Americans quickly becoming more ignorant, but they are increasingly proud of it. Sadly I agree :( Whether you’re black, white, brown, or even purple with polka dots, ignorance doesn’t [...]

Fight Islamic Pressure To Censor Wikipedia

This morning I discovered an online petition to censor images of the Prophet Mohammed on Wikipedia. Initially I thought Muslims were angry with Wikipedia having the Danish caricatures on their site, but to my surprise the petition was not aimed at those! It is instead aimed at a few historical depictions of Mohammed on this [...]

Yet Another Site Update

Happy New Year everyone! I am in the finals stages of the new layout/features and I am pretty pleased with the results thus far. I’m not going to give too many details here because I’d rather just release it and let you see for yourselves. I will have it up later this week for everyone [...]

Under Construction :@

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that over the course of the next few days and weeks I will be performing various upgrades and implementing some changes. If you experience some outages or quirky behavior this is probably the reason. Of course if its persistent please contact me in case I screwed [...]