World’s Greatest Church Singer… EVER!

Holy shit! Ever wonder what a prepubescent George Costanza would be like if he sang at a church? Well today is your lucky day! Sit back and listen to this beauty, “Looking For a City.” If you can make it through the whole thing in one sitting then you’re tougher than I.

Blazing Saddles, Flaming Bulls, And Hot Dogs?

Today officially marks the Feast of Saint Anthony, seen by many as the Patron Saint of Animals. And what better way to celebrate this special day then by making out with your furry friend in the comfort of a church. Not quite your style? Fair enough, how about creating a humongous bonfire in the street [...]

Jesus Stuck In New England Traffic

Tebow fans and religious freaks alike were all set for Saturday night’s playoff game between the Broncos and the Patriots. With Jesus favoring the Broncos heavily, Denver fans were all too confident. With a 14 point deficit after just the first quarter, many figured that Jesus was just spotting the Patriots a few points to [...]

43% Of Americans Are F^ck!ng Stupid

It’s finally Friday and like me, many Americans are looking forward to the playoffs this weekend. While there are four games, one in particular is reaching “heavenly” proportions. That game of course is Tim “Jesus” Tebow and the Denver Broncos vs. The New England Patriots. For those of you unaware of the whole Tebow mess, [...]

Pope: Gay Marriage Ultimate Threat To Humanity

It’s 2012 and as we all know it’s the end of the world. The Mayans predicted hundreds of years ago, but forgot the mention exactly how it would end. Some believe that a killer asteroid would slam into the Earth leading to a fate similar to the dinosaurs some 2500 years ago. Others think it’ll [...]

Yet Another Reason To Detest Justin Bieber

Take your pick. Maybe it’s his ginormous Bert-like eyebrows that look as if they’re glued on his head, or that prepubescent shrill of a voice that makes your skin crawl. There’s something about Justin Bieber that makes putting ice picks in your ears an attractive idea. Honestly I’d rather chew aluminum foil while massaging Rosanne [...]

Victoria Jackson Doubles Down On Stupid

What do former SNL star Victoria Jackson and crazy have in common? As it turns out… Everything. For those who aren’t familiar with Victoria Jackson; she was born in Miami and raised by devout Christian parents in a home without a television. She was a cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, and went on to attend Florida Bible [...]

SNL–Jesus Lectures Tim Tebow & The Denver Broncos

Unless you live under a rock (or outside of the US), you’ve heard of the Denver Broncos’ quarterback Tim Tebow. He’s the one who credits Jesus for their six-game winning streak and just about everything else. Like most Christian athletes, Tebow doesn’t acknowledge hard work and skill as a possible cause for winning. And he definitely won’t [...]

Crayola Unveils New Jesus-Colored Crayon!

Crayola is known for their ridiculous names when it comes to colors. There’s Razzmatazz, Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown, and Jazzberry Jam just to name a few. As a matter of fact there are 133 colors and a variety of specialty ones from swirls to scents. But Crayola may have outdone themselves this time with the new Jesus-colored crayon! [...]

Christmas — The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Ahhh Christmas! It’s that magical time of year when millions of people from all walks of life come together to observe the glorious birth of Jesus Christ. Whether its pepper spraying 20 fellow shoppers for an Xbox, rioting over a $2 waffle maker, or nonchalantly stepping over a dead man at Target to save that [...]