More Gay Skeletons Come Out Of Ted Haggard’s Closet

It seems like it was just yesterday when married evangelical pastor Ted Haggard, an anti-gay advocate, was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Except that hand was actually his penis and the cookie jar was a gay prostitute’s ass. Hey don’t hate me, I’m just the messenger! Haggard and his family responded much [...]

Mary: Holy Mother Of God!

The Roman Catholic Church is upset over fashion designer Ricardo Oyarzun’s latest fashion show featuring models dressed as the Virgin Mary. The church carried on about how presenting the Virgin Mary as an object of consumption or something to that affect is wrong… blah blah blah. Oyarzun objected by saying this was about artistic expression [...]

Religion Expelled For Bullying Students

For years now there has been a bully roaming the public schools in America. It’s been harassing students at school sponsored events, graduations, and even in the classroom with impunity. The few who stood up to it were often chastised by fellow students and ignored by faculty. There is hope though as two brave students [...]

Vatican Embarrassed By Virgin Mary?

Over the years there has been no shortage of religious people with overactive imaginations. They’ve seen Mary in the icebox, on grilled cheese sandwiches, in a bag of Funyuns, and even on a greasy pizza pan. The list unfortunately goes on. What’s fascinating is the amount of press that these stories have received. For instance, [...]

Second Coming Gets Crucified In Divorce Court

It just goes to show what a messed up world do we live in when even Jesus Christ himself can’t get a fair shake in court! Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda, aka the 2nd Coming, just got fleeced in Miami divorce court to tune of $2.2 million in cash and properties. Oddly enough the judge [...]

Magical Black Jesus Fools The Flock Yet Again

Tens of thousands of Filipino Catholics flooded the streets of Manila today in hopes of touching a 17th century dark-skinned statue of Jesus Christ… known by his fellow gang members simply as The Black Nazarene or Magical Black Jesus (MBJ for short). Complete story here. Now to the untrained eye it would appear that these [...]

Children Finally Safe From Terrifying 10-Foot Jesus

The children of West Sussex eagerly emerged from the safety of their homes for the first time in over 40 years to celebrate the capture and subsequent removal of Jesus. Jesus moved to the neighborhood in 1963 following the construction of his new home. Residents were immediately weary of their new 10-foot tall charcoal-skinned neighbor [...]

Abstinence Programs Effectively Promote Ignorance

First off I’d like to dedicate my first real post this year to Shaze, a kind and warm individual who is nothing short of an inspiration to us all. Oh wait a sec… no it’s because this article is about sex ;) Last week Janet Rosenbaum, Ph.D., of John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, [...]

Monty Python–Every Sperm Is Sacred

This outstanding song from Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life answers any questions one might have with respects to the Catholic Church’s perspective on masturbation and contraception. The sketch is about a Catholic couple, played by Michael Palin & Terry Jones, and their 63 lovely children. Unable to support their large Catholic family, the parents [...]

Say Hello To Hunky Jesus 2008

Ever wonder what you’d get when you take Easter, a sacred Christian holiday, and mix in a little San Francisco? Well you get the Hunky Jesus competition of course! Complete story here. San Franciscans have flocked to Dolores Park in the city to compete in, or watch, what has become an Easter Sunday tradition – [...]