Sooreh Hera–Allah Ho Gaybar!

Yesterday I read an interesting story here about an Iranian exile that goes by the pseudonym of Sooreh Hera. Hera is a photographer in the Netherlands who’s on a dangerous mission to expose the “hypocritical” attitude towards homosexuality in countries such as Iran, where men can be hanged for homosexual conduct. There were probably a [...]

Hello, My Name Is Mohammed!

I’m sure many of you have heard about this story already, but I definitely find it worthy of discussion. In Sudan, British schoolteacher Gillian Gibbons has been arrested for the most heinous of crimes. Gibbons has been accused of insulting the great Muslim Prophet Mohammed. This vile act could cost Gibbons up to 6 months [...]

God’s Warriors

Tonight CNN is premiering a new special entitled God’s Warriors. CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour examines the intersection between religion and politics and the effects of Christianity, Islam and Judaism on politics, culture and public life. Here is the official website. Here is the schedule: Jewish Warriors – Aug 21, 9PM ET Muslim Warriors [...]

Egyptian Fatwa Promotes Adult Breastfeeding

I know I’ve been absent for quite some time and for that I apologize. But this news tip from Jeanine has delivered me from the depths of despair. A cleric from the prestigious Egyptian university Al-Azhar has issued one of the most asinine fatwas that I have ever heard. First a little background on the [...]

Muslim Mickey Mouse Preaches Hatred To Kids

I remember growing up as a kid and watching Saturday morning cartoons. It was a fantastic part of my childhood that brings back many fond memories. Whether it was the Smurfs, Super Friends, Tom & Jerry, Spider-Man, Dungeons & Dragons, or even the Care Bears, the premise was simple… provide children with an innocent form [...]

Iran from the Law

Okay, Here is a story being carried by the New York Times that highlights the danger of religion gaining too much power over a government. The Iranian Supreme Court has overturned the murder conviction of six members of the Basiji Force. The group is infamous for carrying out attacks attacks on pro-democracy meetings and on [...]

Spread Of Violence Against Muslim Women?

I began this article with a submission by Shaze, who just happens to have a knack for exposing the horrors of religion. At first I thought there was no need to cover the story. Sure it’s extremely disturbing and directly related to Islam, but I saw it as a rare incident in a part of [...]

The Evolution Of Religion

Here’s a fascinating New York Times article that goes in to the evolution of religion. It’s a scientific look at why we as a species have come to believe in God. Is it an advantageous trait that we evolved to survive or was it handed down to us from God? The read is rather long [...]

Miss Israel Quits With Honour

Before I begin this article I have to point out that the infamous Shaze is the one who brought this story to my attention. It was also his birthday this past weekend so everyone please wish him a very Religious Freaks birthday :) Now let’s get on with the story! If you aren’t familiar with [...]

Islamophobia And The Great American Pig Race

It pains me to no end that I missed this story a few months ago. However, thanks to the Daily Show, it’s been resurrected for your entertainment. To make a long story short, a Muslim group known as the Katy Islamic Association, has purchased a plot of land in a small Texas community in hopes [...]