Just Ask!

Just Ask deletedsoul–Former Evangelical

It’s been a while since we’ve done a little questions and answers session with a reader so let’s have at it. I’ve been talking with Bridgett recently, one of our regular readers who you may recognize as deletedsoul. She was kind enough to share her evangelical childhood experiences with me. It’s very well written and [...]

Just Ask! gasmonso

Hey everyone, the 1-year anniversary for Religious Freaks is upon us and I’d like to offer myself to the altar :) Feel free to ask me questions on anything such as religion, work, life, etc. Just ask your questions in the comments section. At the end of this week, I’ll answer them best I can [...]

Just Ask! Brian “Humanistic” Jones About Deism

RULES: Please ask questions related to Deism and refrain from making comments until I post Brian’s answers. –gasmonso My name is Brian Jones, better known here by my posting name of Humanistic Jones.  I am a deist from Marietta, Georgia.  I was born into a Roman Catholic family and thought that I followed the tenants [...]

Just Ask! Mohamed

While Christian answers your questions on Baha’i, we switch gears to Islam. If you’ve been reading the comments lately, then you definitely have come across Mohamed. He is a faithful Muslim and eagerly shares his interesting, albeit controversial views… Islam freed the world from slavery, and Islam is the reason for all the technology and [...]

Just Ask A Baha’i

In this installment of Just Ask!, I was approached by a gentleman named Christian of the Baha’i faith. Knowing nothing of Baha’i, he gladly filled me in on the basics. I found it quite interesting and thought others would be curious to learn more from someone in the know. Please leave your questions in the [...]

Just Ask Muhammed

Since publishing the Muhammed caricatures February, let’s just say I haven’t been in the good graces of Muslims. I received many death threats, tons of hate mail, and messages I couldn’t even read, nor care to. But in the end there was one Muslim, ironicly named Muhammed, who has contacted me not to voice anger, [...]