Reader Commentary

gasmonso, Just Another Misguided Freak?

Over the last several weeks, I have been trying to finish up the new site design (trust me it’s almost done), when I started to question the purpose of it in the first place. I wasn’t just questioning the new site design, but rather the site as a whole. I asked myself… what’s the point? [...]

Kevin Tackles George Carlin’s Take On Religion

A Christian reader by the name of Kevin left a lengthy response to George Carlin’s Take on Religion. Since Kevin was kind enough to take the time to chime in, I thought it best to move his comment to the main page for all to discuss. It’s a long one so grab a cup of [...]

Christians Should Walk Their Talk And Not Squawk

A few days ago I received a well-written email from Roger, a Christian and supporter of Evolution. He had a few things to say with respects to Christianity that I thought you might all enjoy. I’m hoping that Roger will stick around to answer any questions that readers may have as he actually appears to [...]

SOS Call From David… HELP!

I recently received an email from an Atheist reader who needs some advice. Originally he addressed his problem to me, but I quickly asked if I could share it with the collective :) He quickly agreed so without further ado, let’s help out David :) David wrote: Hello friend! I’ve recently stumbled upon your website [...]

Why I Believe In God

The following article is from a Christian gentleman named Kyle. Kyle had contacted me via email after stumbling across my site via a Google search for ‘jesus’. Unlike most of my emails from religious folks, Kyle was rather polite with his comments. We exchanged a few more emails when I decided to ask Kyle how [...]

Beware of Church Heresy

I received a very confusing, yet interesting email today from Daniel Richardson, a contributing editor for Mahana’im, the Army of God. Please give it a read and share your thoughts on this one. gasmonso Daniel wrote: Hi! Ever since I was young, people taught me that God no longer speaks to people. I later learned [...]

Henry Asta La Vista Homosexuals

In response to an earlier post about homosexuality in nature, I received a very strong comment from Henry Asta. Now we’ve discussed this issue before, but read Henry’s comments… they are somewhat frightening and provide a little insight into the mind of a hard-core Christian. I’d like someone to point out what’s wrong with homosexuality [...]

Lord Spanky Speaketh Of Creation And Evolution

Lord Spanky has once again punished his keyboard with an enormous response to my post on Richard Dawkins. I offer it to you in its unedited form and eagerly await your comments. Begin Commentary: This post will outline not evidence against evolution, but in favor of creation. I’m a firm believer that this whole debate [...]

Lord Spanky Speaketh The Truthiness

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I covered Penn Jillette’s piece on NPR entitled, There Is No God. It recently grabbed the attention of Lord Spanky and this is what he had to say. I offer you the complete unedited commentary and would appreciate your thoughts on the matter. Begin Commentary: [...]

Martin Thinks Atheists Are That Bad

Martin from Preaching Freedom recently contacted me and had this to say about the Atheists Aren’t That Bad video. I’m not quite sure what to make of it but I’ll leave that to you. Watched atheist video, not impressed because they just don’t get it. Everyhuman has an eternal position, it’s your choice heaven (by [...]