Video Clips

Some People Are Sikh Of Jay Leno

Honestly I’m not a fan of Jay Leno or the Tonight Show. But Leno finally managed to get a laugh out of me though the other day when Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was forced to release his tax return. It proved the obvious… Romney is wealthy. Really wealthy. So Leno decided to do a slideshow [...]

World’s Greatest Church Singer… EVER!

Holy shit! Ever wonder what a prepubescent George Costanza would be like if he sang at a church? Well today is your lucky day! Sit back and listen to this beauty, “Looking For a City.” If you can make it through the whole thing in one sitting then you’re tougher than I.

Jesus Stuck In New England Traffic

Tebow fans and religious freaks alike were all set for Saturday night’s playoff game between the Broncos and the Patriots. With Jesus favoring the Broncos heavily, Denver fans were all too confident. With a 14 point deficit after just the first quarter, many figured that Jesus was just spotting the Patriots a few points to [...]

Victoria Jackson Doubles Down On Stupid

What do former SNL star Victoria Jackson and crazy have in common? As it turns out… Everything. For those who aren’t familiar with Victoria Jackson; she was born in Miami and raised by devout Christian parents in a home without a television. She was a cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, and went on to attend Florida Bible [...]

SNL–Jesus Lectures Tim Tebow & The Denver Broncos

Unless you live under a rock (or outside of the US), you’ve heard of the Denver Broncos’ quarterback Tim Tebow. He’s the one who credits Jesus for their six-game winning streak and just about everything else. Like most Christian athletes, Tebow doesn’t acknowledge hard work and skill as a possible cause for winning. And he definitely won’t [...]

Bart Simpson In Now Auditing On New Operating Thetan 7

Congratulations Bart on your accomplishment! And to think I’m only on Operating Thetan 6. Oh well :( From LifeLineLive: Fox is having a cow over an automated voicemail message left by Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, recruiting attendees for a Church of Scientology event, reports USA TODAY’s Gary Levin. In the message, Cartwright, [...]

More Gay Skeletons Come Out Of Ted Haggard’s Closet

It seems like it was just yesterday when married evangelical pastor Ted Haggard, an anti-gay advocate, was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Except that hand was actually his penis and the cookie jar was a gay prostitute’s ass. Hey don’t hate me, I’m just the messenger! Haggard and his family responded much [...]


The clip takes place in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on December 30. On one side of the street there are several extremely pissed off and vocal Muslims protesting Israel’s latest round of attacks on Hamas. And of course on the other side we have the pro-Israeli contingent. My guess is they were just as loud, but [...]

Fitna–Geert Wilders’ Film Critical Of Koran

Right-wing Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders launched his film Fitna today in which he accuses the Koran of inciting violence. Not quite sure where he got that idea ;) Anyways, take a peek for yourself. It’s a mere 15 minutes so you won’t waste too much of your time :) Get the Flash Player to see [...]

Monty Python–Every Sperm Is Sacred

This outstanding song from Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life answers any questions one might have with respects to the Catholic Church’s perspective on masturbation and contraception. The sketch is about a Catholic couple, played by Michael Palin & Terry Jones, and their 63 lovely children. Unable to support their large Catholic family, the parents [...]