Wrath Of God

Bad Weather or God’s Judgement?

God is at it again, folks! Last week, He flooded many places in the US. Those close to God (evangelicals) say that The Almighty sent the natural disaster as punishment for our immoral society. According to the Right Reverend Graham Dow, a Bishop of the Church of England and leading evangelical, “This is a strong [...]

Abraham II: My Three Sons

Here is an old, but interesting story. It should be a familiar story to our Christian readers. Deanna Laney was commanded by God to stone her children to death as poof of her devotion to Him. Unlike the Biblical story of Abraham, God didn’t pull any punches at the last minute. He did not stop [...]

Think God Will Protect You?

Think again! A man in Kiev decided to test for the existence of God by asking for his/her/its protection as he crept into a lion’s enclosure. As he decended upon the lions, he yelled, "God will save me if he exists!" He then took he shoes off and approached the lions. Apparently, God was rather [...]

God Answers Woman’s Prayers

On a stormy Monday afternoon, Clara Jean Brown stood in her kitchen and prayed for the safe return of her family from a trip to the beach. Millions of prayers are made each and every day all over the world and God is but one man, or woman, or thing, whatever. God doesn’t have time [...]

God Slaughters Over 5000 Indonesians

God was certainly busy this holiday weekend as he unleashed yet another slew of devistation upon Indonesia, his favorite target. Having used a tsunami last time in December 2004, God’s weapon of choice was the good old dependable earthquake. For maximum effect, God struck early in the morning at 5:54am while most people were sleeping [...]

God Punishes Asians With Typhoon

God took out out some pent-up anger Thursday when he sent a typhoon through Asia killing scores of Asian men, women, and his personal favorite, children. The death toll stands at 50 and over 1 million displaced.  The reasoning behind this remains a mystery, but many speculate China was hit for their support of Iran. [...]

God Kills 27 With Tornados

God kills 27 on latest rampage in Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, and Illinois. He used one of his favorite weapons, the tornado, to unleash his fury on the innocent. God personally destroyed hundreds of houses and even one of his own just to show poeple that he means business. While it is unclear as to what [...]