Dancing Muhammed

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  1. mohamed says:

    Believe me you will regret greatly..
    Do not think that you are funny .today you are laughing but tommorow you will cry because of pains in Gohannam(hell).
    I am muslim and i am proud of being a muslim.. Your pictures will not benefit you and your friends .the people who encourage you to draw will leave you .you are a son of……. i can not complete it as my Islam told me not to speak with the stupids .Islam ask us to just say to everyone : “peace abon you” even if they heat us like you…I ask Allah to show you the right way or get revenge from you.

  2. Spank Your Imam says:

    Oh, great, another ‘mohamed’? What’s with the lot of you ‘meds -were your parents all lacking creativity or is there something uniquely islamic about naming kids after a documented child molester?

    Anyway, why should we believe you? Provide some evidence that your sky fairy is real, in the present, and stop throwing in fallacies like Pascal’s Wager that you just used. That request of yours is always a telltale indicator that you have no proof. And don’t trot out your evil storybook quran as “evidence” or we’ll start pointing out the errors in it, you dork.

    Your god is just a story for stupid backward people. Get past your superstitions and get with the modern world.

    Spank your imam. Spank it hard. Spank it some more.

  3. mohamed says:

    my imam is behind in me. he have breath like goat somehow.

  4. ulan orospu çocuklar? u?ra??cak bir?ey kalmad?m? ba?ka köpek herifler savunucak bir?eyiniz yok dimi. fuck you sean of febec

  5. jokke says:

    muhammed suck ass!!!!!!!!

  6. yoyo says:

    muhammed is just a pig fucking asshole whit no balls!

  7. Winky says:

    Islam is nothing but a cult. The prophet muhammad is nothing but a chicken fucker. Muslims belong in the stone age

  8. Sandy says:

    Christianity is also a cult, or really a set of cults. Jesus was never anything other than a good public speaker but all the Jesus being son of god stuff was BS.

    Christians are in the stone age too. No big diff from muslims except not so big on suicide bombing and all that, and Muslims are even more backward than Christians on sexuality and women’s rights. Catholics are really the prime idiots on contraception though, but the pope looks to be finally starting to cave on condom use. Maybe his priests were spreading too many STD’s to altar boys or something.

  9. factoid says:

    “Christians are in the stone age too. No big diff from muslims except not so big on suicide bombing and all that” That’s a very big difference, I’d say.

    So far this Christmas, Religion of Peace devotees have bombed a
    church in the Philippines, blown up 45 flood refugees waiting in line
    for Western food aid, plotted to bomb a Christmas tree lighting in
    Oregon and a recruitment center in Maryland, massacred 86 innocents
    in attacks on Nigerian churches, planned to poison American food
    buffets and implant bombs in human bodies, plotted the slaughter
    of civilians in Holland, London and a newspaper office in
    Denmark… and even set off the first suicide blast in Sweden,
    which was intended for Christmas shoppers.
    So when do we stop pretending that Islam is just another religion?

  10. Mohammad Ali says:

    how can you do this to our Religion? Do you want us to paint jesus like a asshole?

    Christians wil burn in “Your hell”..
    allah akbar

  11. Mohammed Ali is punch drunk says:

    Sure, go ahead, paint jesus all you like. This is not a christian site, stupid.

    Mohammed Ali was brain damaged from his boxing career.

  12. moazam says:

    What a shameless activity is this you donot have any shame and any kind of sense that u will do this activity. thus your religion and your holy book will guide you to do this. You will die like a pig…. Inshallah ….Ameen Ameen Ya rabbal aalameen

  13. shazam says:

    moazam, I don’t have a holy book. Does that mean I’ll die like a human?

    Seriously, no smart modern person can take the Koran seriously as being the word of a god, nor Mohamed as being a spokesperson for a god. Get over it and get with the 19th century, at least.

    Insalad – yabba dabba doggy doo

  14. Outstanding work over again! Thanks:)

  15. not so important says:

    why burn al quran?? why??? why dancing and singing?? to let jesus dancing too?? what is jesus??? jesus is like a prophet.. whos the first come to this planet? who created him?? :O animals? trees? god of course, why no god you said??? who created you??? animals??? think before act, why if islam act all highly and mighty??? are you guys jealous of it??? why hurting muslim??? why bombing??? you guys are jealous.. the ruler of this earth, non muslim was envy of.. of what? of Muhammad, being the greatest LEADER… he once said Muhammad is the greatest LEADER till NOW!!

  16. aassddaag says:

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  17. PotatoMan says:

    Dance Mohammed, Dance! My religion is freedom of speech and the right to own firearms. Muslims need to learn they cannot control every idiot on the internet… it’s idiotic by definition. The more you draw attention to something you don’t like, the more people are going make fun of it. Burn down a thousand embassy’s it will change nothing.

  18. David Newton says:

    Muhammed was a charlitan and a pedophile. Islam must use violence to convert because no intelligent person would believe the fraud he perpetuated on the world. In a valid comparison of ideas Islam is a joke. The founding prophet was a false prophet.

  19. Islamhater says:

    Listem up you muslim perverts. Muhammed was a pedophile and an opportunist. He loved nothing more than loot. Look at yourselves. You are the same way. You want to take over contries so you can loot them. Economies don’t work where islam controls. The contries are poor and pityful. That’s because they produce nothing and shun knowledge. Compare literacy rates in the islamic versus nonislamic world. There are a lot more stupid toothless bastards in the islamic world.

  20. Wanderer says:

    His eyes maybe opened, but his heart was blinded and rotten…
    How human like that have followers…? Are his followers had blind?

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