Hamshahri Holocaust Cartoons And Caricatures

UPDATE: A winner has been chosen.

This is the permanent home for the Hamshahri Holocaust cartoons. Hamshahri is the major newspaper in Iran and has sponsored a competition through IranCartoon.com to  produce the "best" Holocaust cartoons in response to the infamous Muhammed Caricatures that were posted in the Danish newspaper. More cartoons will be added as they appear. Now, as with the Muhammed caricatures, please feel free to leave if your easily offended. I am showing these cartoons because I feel they are an important indicator of the ignorance that exists in our society as a result of religion and intolerance. The newest entries will be displayed on top.

Fabiog Da Silva of Brazil

Mohamadreza Doustmohammadi of Iran

David Baldinger of USA

Firouzeh Mozafari of Iran

Carlos Lattuf of Brazil



Massoud Shojai of Iran


Carlos Lattuf of Brazil

To the best of my knowledge this is NOT an official entry, but a cartoon that was posted by the Arab European League in response to the Muhammed Caricatures.

It appears that this cartoon was NOT submitted for the competition as was previously thought. However, Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig does take credit for making it. He drew it in 2002 as a response to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. CNN has reported this now.


192 Responses to “Hamshahri Holocaust Cartoons And Caricatures”

  1. Muslim child says:

    So if a muslim toddler doodles a picture of Mohammad with crayons like a stick figure or a happy face with a turban, does he get killed? Or does he get taught? I would hope the toddler will be educated and given a second chance, and that his “disrespect” will be forgiven. Now extend that idea to an adult raised in a non-Muslim culture, he doodles a picture of Mohammed. Will he be killed or taught? Just because he is an adult doesn’t mean he isn’t a “toddler” in the knowledge of foreign ideas and religions. Shouldn’t his “disrespect” also be forgiven and that he be educated on the proper ideas? What if that adult is slow learner and just doesn’t understand and continues to doodle disrespectful pictures of Mohammed, will he be killed then? So do Muslims kill all mentally handicapped doodlers? I should hope not. So why not just regard those cartoonists as mentally handicapped slow learning toddlers? Shouldn’t you feel sorry for them instead of anger? Shouldn’t you try to have patience to educate them instead of threatening to kill them? Now extend that adult to a nation of mentally handicapped slow learning toddlers with crayons, you’ll have an idea of what the West is really like. Instead of anger, you need to show pity for these obvious developementally challenged people

  2. Hinken says:

    Interesting comment (#101) coming from someone who can only touch his food with his right hand ;)

  3. Danish says:

    Keep up the good work, wonderfull art.
    If you think europe wil be ofended and burn down you ambasades you are wrong. ake some drawins with Jesus thats a religius answer to muhhamad.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Dorthea Madsen says:

    Hi i had polish grandmother and grandfather, ( FROM POLAND )
    I have only one thing to say : GOOD JOB AND VERY NICE PICTURES ( LAUGHUNG VERY MUCH )

    You just CAN`T HIT me with that picures :-)I got a REALY cheap laugh ha ha ha ha

    From a polish/ danish

  5. Dorthea Madsen says:

    To the danish

    I am totaly agree ;)

    Again GOOD JOB ;)

    Keep on with that, and make people here die of laugh ha ha ha

  6. Baboucarr Michael Hermann, Denmark says:

    Jewish people make jokes about holocaust too.

  7. Arab says:

    At least the holocaust is being talked about these days. No one ever mentions the arab genocide that occured in the first crusade (arab genocide, as in muslim, christians AND jews were slaughtered by european crusaders). No one talks about the hundreds of thousands of arabs slaughtered in Algeria during their 60′s war of independence. Everyone remembers the name of the three Israeli soldiers captured in the past few weeks but barely anyone knows the names of even one of the millions of palestinians that have been killed or taken hostage by Israel for the past 50 years. Its not the Mohamed cartoons alone that make muslims mad. Its not the Iraq war alone which is making arabs mad. Its not even the Israeli war crimes alone that are making us mad. Its the fact that we have for decades been used, spat on, and then ignored. We have to endure labels, stereotypes, and insults and then be refused a voice when we try to reply. If we are to be constantly stepped on like insects or animals, we’d rather respond as lions, than as ants.

  8. Amjad Nashashibi says:

    her Arab,look bro I’m arab too and I will tell you why no one remember all of that you talked about .
    the problem of our society that they want everyone to respect them and honor without doing anything good,look at the jews they lost over 6 million people in the second world war,did you see any of them bomb embasies,did you see or hear about any jew party bombed a full bus of inocent people,or did you hear about any jew bombing twin towers ?
    IN THE NAME OF GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    man is that what god(allah) wants ????

    they respect the world then the world have to respect them…

    another thing,what did you do in order to change the picture of the arabs in the world ?

  9. Roy says:

    Why not make some funny cartoons? The only funny one was the Anne Frank thing:-)

  10. Mike says:

    Wonderfull caricaturs for ass hole israelians fuck all of them especially cow ass shaped ariel sharon

  11. Whiny, Pissy Sand Nigger says:

    Boy howdy, these fuggin’ cartoons sure is makin’ me AN-GREE. GRRRR BETTER BLOW SUMTHIN’ UP ‘CAUSE I’M AN UNEDU-MA-CATED BARBARIAN MONGREL

  12. sigidada says:

    Awww shucks!

    Only one of them are any good. The brazilian one with the palestinian looking at the world in a concentration camp outfit.

    The others are just harmless infantile namecalling, but that one were good :)

  13. Atabani says:

    Please Message Look:

  14. Egle says:

    WE are not admiring about what did Hitler and You Muslims are believing and admiring Muhamed Holocoust is our greates loss i am also jewish and i wish it never happened, but if this was some kind of religion by killing peoiple opr being racist i would never join this society. to make fun of dying people its not fun and those who drawe Mahomed were making fun of him so if you want to revenge us make fun on our God or Jesus but not of stupid Germans who killed so many people.

  15. common sense says:

    Iam Justasayin Says:
    February 28th, 2006 at 10:50 am
    Muslims are the most insecure bunch of people the world has ever seen. If they had ANY faith AT ALL a freekin cartoon would not bother them.
    WOT THA FUCK. boy do you even know what your talking about?!
    I am not a muslim, but even i kno that it is the biggest sin in islam to depict ALLAH or any of the prophets, thats why it bothers people, it hurts them on that level more than the fact that there is a bomb in one of the prophets’s turban’s! Think Before you Speak!

  16. OoO says:

    Biggest sin in Islam= is to draw Muhammed

    Killing innocent infidel people= is not a sin

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  18. George Bush says:

    The next holocaust will come when America destroys Iran, very very soon!!!!!

    Ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  19. Carlos says:


  20. Felipe says:

    The cartoons are beautiful. I mean, they are political statements. There is very little about anti-semitism or religious intolerance in them. They are in fact an acute observation of the fact that the Israeli government is using its victimhood to victimize other people, not unlike abused children that when they grow up become abusers themselves.

    I should congratulate the Danish newspaper that initiated that polemic, as these cartoons are a breath of fresh freedom of expression air, just as they intended. I hope that the newspapers in Europe who published the Danish cartoons are brave (and consistent) enough to publish these.

    Of course, for consistency, the iranian newspaper should publish the Mohammed cartoons. But unfortunately freedom of expression is exactly something iranians can expect to live with. . .

  21. Kev Pacittos says:

    No Felipe, they are not beautiful statements. Take the Anne Frank one: in most countries, someone who rapes a child and ensures she then dies gets locked up, or at least disapproved of by the majority. Where the fuck do you live / get your morals from? Ach,medinnerjacket wants the world to equate Israel’s enforced requirement to control the terrorists who voluntarily live in democratically-ensured squalor ((using the West’s billions to pay for weapons and for gay Arafat’s trophy wife (yeah I know) to go shopping etc)) with the kidnap and systematic murder of millions of civilians (of many races but mostly Jews) in gas chambers.

    2 totally different things. Mohammed cartoons are at worst culturally insensitive, much like all the shitty lies Arab papers print about Jews on a daily basis; and check out the rednecks on here who think anyone who doesn’t fantasise about fucking their own mother wearing a US flag must be a “Sand Nigger”. All words, insulting, but just words.

    The Nazi crimes were on an unimaginably larger, crueller scale. Iran’s president tells you that Hamas-hunting, Auschwitz and a cartoon about a muslem being violent are equal. And you believe him? Geez – suicide sounds your best option.

  22. Simon says:

    Jump up.
    Simon says: Do what I say.
    Simon says: Kill for your religion.
    Make peace.
    Simon didn’t say make peace.

    And so goes the religious fanatics.

    Simon says: Evolve or keep to yourselves. The global community will not permit children to play with bombs made from oil.

  23. the mind says:

    ok people. i see the problem here. in your socioty you have no respect for anything, your parents your god… no one, and you seem to think people are that stupid everywhere. if you want to make fun of your own religion on movies or cartoons or anywere then go ahead, but there are other people in the world who would kill you for doing it not just muslims, i dare you go to a shrine anywere in asia or africa or south america the other 5 billion people on this world and make fun of their religion or god and well see what happens.

  24. matt says:

    “i see the problem here. in your socioty you have no respect for anything, your parents your god… no one”

    Thanks “the mind” you figured it all out. Where the hell did you get the idea that we don’t respect our PARENTS? and to be honest i have absolutely NO respect for “my” god because i don’t respect anything that doesn’t exist. Also, making generalizations like that are very dangerous, it’s like someone saying all muslims wanna blow up America and all christians wanna blow up abortion clinics.

  25. maaaat says:

    well, wether or not you did it your self is not the point the point is you promote it, you say yes make fun of other peoples religion then its like you did it your self.
    if you dont beleave in god then thats your problem. that point it self proves my point that you dont have the right to make fun of people who do.

    the problem with the west isnt the christians its the athiest like you who think its funny making fun of god and religion cause they think the rest of the world is retarded cause the believe in something more then them sleves.

    you dont believe in god then thats fine do what you want but dont mess with other people

  26. matt says:

    “if you dont beleave in god then thats your problem. that point it self proves my point that you dont have the right to make fun of people who do.”

    For your information, in the United States of America, we can make fun of whoever we damn well please. But in most cases what you call “making fun” is a thoughtful argument, can you not deal with someone making you argue for your religion? then maybe you should rethink it.

    “the problem with the west isnt the christians its the athiest like you who think its funny making fun of god”

    Yes, the atheists are the ones starting wars and occupying countries. We are the ones who blow up someone else for believing something different. All i have to say is fuck you. I live as an atheist in the bible belt, I have to keep my mouth shut when christians preach anywhere they want, Iv had girlfriends who told me to lie to their parents about my religion. Atheists ARE NOT in power.

  27. muzyne says:

    Ignorance is the cause of all these nonsense. We should learn to live peacefully with others and stop all the mocks on others religions.

  28. neo massacre says:

    ı now who fuck with anyone can be potansial THE NEO NAZIS

    HEY NEO NAZIS ı take a oath too
    and my secret plan is fuck your pıg asses with a machine gun called your dick

    peace wiill come all europans when all of you while in “sleep”(which war come to my life while ı do sleep)

  29. ladyairjay says:

    ima muslim && proud of it!! say wat u want no1 gives a shit bout ur stupid opinions! get sum education bout islam b4 makin statements about us!

  30. katie says:

    to ladyairjay:
    i agree with you!!!!!!!!

  31. gasmonso says:

    Nice try ladyairjay and katie, but your comments came from the same ip address. LOL, maybe you just have multiple personalities :)


  32. Shaze says:


    i agree with you!!!!!!!!

  33. Santa Clause says:

    how does making fun of a religious figure (Mohamed) equate to making fun of a human tragedy? should not the contest have been to make cartoons about the Danish cartoonist’s religion, if he has stated that he has one? you know kinda like tit for tat

  34. El Hakim says:

    Humor above all else. People who can’t stand other people making fun of their sour spots should grow up, be them muslims, jews or anyone. The muslim doctrine is irrelevant to non-muslims and it is their right to make fun of Muhammed, Islam or the Qu’ran. Anyone taking offence to these things should wonder whether it is their own insecurities speaking or their distorted view of “right”.
    In the same sense should the Holocaust be open to scrutiny.
    Oh and btw, where are the evangelical cartoons? I’ sure there’s some fuel for laughter in there…

    Coming from an Arab…

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  36. Me says:

    Oh, so much hate, so much murdering… and all in the name of love for God, yours, mine, their…

  37. ozayjan says:

    Are you still talking about the same case ?
    You will never be get your mind back !!
    The main idea is to seperate people in any area, so they did. Now we ( muslims ) are against on non-muslims…
    I am a Turkish, “not a racist just a Turkish”

  38. proud to be a muslim says:

    I seriously dont understand why people start these arguments in the fırst place! ıts arguments lıke thıs that starts a war. how can some one not have a belıef ın GOd??? ıs ıt because you are too afraıd to see the real purpose of lıfe??? or are you too scared to belıeve ın some thıng whıch cannot be held or seen and later on fınd out that ıt wasnt true? there are so many relıgıons out there and ı am 100% sure that none of them would allow war, hatred and also takıng the lıves of those who GOD created and ıs the only person who can destroy!!!!! any relıgıon that exısts ı am sure ıs full of peace and harmony. love and compassıon. we shouldnt be judgıng each other! thats some thıng only GOD has the power to do! come on people! why hate eachother? why not hold each other’s hand and try to solve other problems whıch we have ın thıs world such as poor people and sıcknesses!why not support one another and dont ask for favors ın return? all the Muslims out there! please put yourselves together, stand up straıght. keep your head up when walkıng ın the street and dont be ashamed of anythıng!


  39. Brian says:

    !! any relıgıon that exısts ı am sure ıs full of peace and harmony. love and compassıon…”IF ONLY THEY KNEW”!!!!!!!

    Here’s a small sample of the Quran’s teaching on how to deal with unbelievers. Doesn’t seem very harmonious to me. And if you say I’m cherry picking, this is exactly what you do when you quote say the prophet said there’s no compulsion in relgion, etc.

    2:191, And slay them wherever ye catch them

    2:193, And fight them on until there is no more Tumult or oppression

    2:216, Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you

    3:28, Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah

    4:48 “Allah forgiveth not that partners should be set up with Him; but He forgiveth anything else, to whom He pleaseth; to set up partners with Allah is to devise a sin Most heinous indeed.”

    4:84, Then fight in Allah’s cause – Thou art held responsible only for thyself – and rouse the believers. It may be that Allah will restrain the fury of the Unbelievers; for Allah is the strongest in might and in punishment.

    4:141, And never will Allah grant to the unbelievers a way (to triumphs) over the believers

    5:33, The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;

    etc, etc, etc.

  40. Mike@BlackpoolUK says:

    QED, we’re on a site devoted to Religious Freaks. And you’ve just pointed out that one religion in particular is extreme. Du’h. They’re all bloody extreme! I would like to comment that in my humble view any religion is extreme and that you can take any quote in or out of context – it doesn’t matter. Simply, there is no God. May I recommend the book ‘The Golden Bough’ by Sir James Frasier which will happily (albeit at some tedious length) explain the history of religion around the world. It seems to build on the point that ignorance and lack of understanding are universal quantities. Let’s not blame the Muslims (may blessings be upon them etc) but perhaps mankind’s apparently infinite capacity to rip off one’s fellow man at a profit. To the priest go the goodies! (Damn, I’ve missed my calling!)

  41. Christine says:

    Where is the perspective people?

    The cartoons of Mohammed were to illustrate where Muslims today get their penchant for religious violence. Known history of Islam attests to this. Yet because a cartoon was used to illustrate this sad truth the Muslims feel it is acceptable to use the tragedy of the holocaust as their cartoon come uppance? I fail to see the humor of millions of people being killed in various concentration camps. I find it sad that Muslims are more willing to make jokes about the deaths of millions of innocent people rather than actually taking the time to examine WHY people look unfavorably towards their “religious” founder?

  42. sjawai says:

    there are lot’s of lies inside this site

  43. bitchiin says:

    all of y’all like johnny sack and those makin bittchin statements of islam, need to go to a fuckin mental institue. cos ur all crazy fuckin retards.
    you bitches.

    let there be peace assholes

  44. jigga says:

    felipe go suck yourslef u twisted bitch.

    your confused.

  45. One day, after all this, we will reach the goal. As we all know, the virgin-hunters are already in hell, but the rest, the little rest is our goal. Secret. From heaven. From the holy regents of the coming worlds power, which is very close in time. Under his feeths.

    Colina darico so sana, orasini si hola tankara!

  46. Someone from Pakistan says:

    Well … I’m born to a Muslim family, and live in a great country called Pakistan. (Seriously!! Don’t judge Pakistan on the basis of CNN and Fox unless you have seen at least three major cities of the country)

    That said, let’s get back to the topic. I wholehearted agree with the notion that religion has done a great deal of harm to the world. Or maybe, ABUSE of religion has done a great deal of harm to the world.

    Now these Danish cartoons, in the name of freedom of expression, are a deliberate assault at the sentiments of 1.5 billion people, who do not even happen to be very educated!! Now this doesn’t sound very mature of Jyllands-Posten, and others who followed suit. OK fine, Muslims are by and large uneducated, illiterate, intolerant, indoctrinated, and “religiously brainwashed”. This is, unfortunately, true. But I don’t understand the reason behind more civilized countries demonstrating the same characteristics in the name of “freedom of expression”. Frankly, deliberately provoking an uncivilized barbaric crowd is not a very intelligent or wise thing to do. You are only making the matters worse. Moreover, suppression of any ideas denying Holocaust is also rather hypocritical. As someone in the above posts commented that mocking a tragedy is a sad thing to do; neither is it a very good idea to outrightly suppress the perception of the event’s dubiousness, while you’re flaunting support for freedom of expression.

    Freedom of speech should not mean outrightly attacking dearly held beliefs of any particular creed, especially when the other side is not willing to see the “humor” in it.

    But I must say that some of the cartoons (both Danish and Iranian) are quite funny. :P

  47. alcari says:

    But, that’s completely untrue.
    The cartoons were first published purely as comedy, without intentionally insulting anyone. The artist asumed that most people were able to handle a little joke.

    However, the later republishing of the cartoons was in responce to the muslim reaction of burning flags and storming embassys. The whole problem lies with the muslim community, (not all of them, just the ones overreacting) first in not having a sense of humor, and second in blowing the whole thing out of proportion.

    Of course, on a deeper level, the problem lies with the fact that muslims are afraid of any criticism on their religion. The same goes for all religions, but the more mature religions have learned to deal with critics in a raional way, while Islam is still in the Inquisition stage.

  48. Ozy says:


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