Pope Insults Islam–Cartoons Galore!

On September 14th, Pope Benedict said a few flattering words about Islam during a speech in Germany. Full story here. This resulted in many acts of violence and more importantly, cartoons!! Here are a few. Click image to see full size.

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164 Responses to “Pope Insults Islam–Cartoons Galore!”

  1. danny says:

    all of u guyz are bein racists n all… tryin to convert each other. judging each other. i mean non of u guys is god.. so how about we leave god to do his job.And to non muslims ( claimin that all muslims are terrorists n all ), i bet most of u have never even met a muslim, or chated with one. So how about u take a brake n c wats rlly goin on in da world ( i rlly dont wanna get into details ). Muslims are not ignorant pple ridin on horses n carryin their swords arround. btw … i’m a non muslim !

  2. ribbio says:

    You are also an uneducated moron, danny, judging by the mess you made of English, so why would anyone listen to you?

  3. danny says:

    you rlly dont have to “ribbio”. see i wont die if a fat mother fucker like you dint listen to me. and we r all talking about a serious thin here.. so stop actin like a 60 years old virgin… desperate.. eng. teacher who aint got no lyf, no real opinion. trying to prove dat she’s some1 important by correcting pple’s language. get a lyf man… get a gf or somthing ( i rlly feel sry for u :I )

  4. ribbio says:

    What a snotty little racist you are and still illiterate.

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  6. Wen Shampoo says:

    Can I borrow that book of yours How To Become A Millionaire? Sure. Here you are. Thanks – but half the pages are missing. What’s the matter? Isn’t half a million enough for you?

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  8. Coach Purses says:

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    You know NOTHING of the religion. All you know is the fabricated version of Islam in the media. Why do you listen about Islam from people that HATE Islam. Only an intelligient human would take both sides and reason. You have one side. You’re just an dumb pophead that doesnt know shit

  11. rucker says:

    I have listend to muslims and they usually do no credit to their religion because they end up calling people names, screaming, and threatening. You are in the first catagory

  12. Hassan, Bangladesh says:

    There are 55 countries in Islamic world more 100 crore people, 100 language,1000 of ethnicity, spreading in 3 continent. Steriotyping muslims is almost declaring himself a moron in public.

  13. Spank Your Imam says:

    Hassan, your tiping and speling is atroshus. Unfamiliar language is a poor excuse for moronic spelling when spellcheckers are everywhere. Present yourself to the nearest butt-thumping station for a vigorous asswhacking. Vestal goats must be present along with the gay imam performing the cheek reddening ceremony on you, or the procedure will need to be repeated and you will risk losing your status as a forthright gay muslim.

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